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We put people first. We represent workers, whistleblowers, shareholders, and consumers against powerful and well-funded interests. We have the experience and resources to level the playing field for you. When we were founded over 55 years ago, our lawyers were in the trenches representing student activists in the Civil Rights movement. We put people first then, and we put people first today.

Over 55 Years

of representing workers, whistleblowers, shareholders, and consumers.

$160 Million

The largest FCA recovery in the Middle District of Tennessee.

$215 Million

recovered in a securities class action case against hospital chain HCA in 2016.

6,000+ workers

represented in 2016 in wage claims against their employers.


Barrett Johnston Martin & Garrison, LLC Announces Record Breaking $160 Million Settlement

Barrett Johnston Martin & Garrison, LLC announces record breaking $160 million settlement in a whistleblower case brought by the firm under the False Claims Act.

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$30 Million Whistleblower Settlement Reached with Skilled Nursing Facilities

In the spring of 2015, our firm filed a case under the qui tam provisions of the False Claims Act on behalf of two whistleblower clients against Signature Healthcare, a provider of skilled nursing services in numerous states. The two whistleblowers alleged that Signature was engaged in a scheme to artificially inflate its Medicare reimbursement by providing unnecessary physical, occupational, and speech therapy to nursing home residents. This unnecessary therapy pushed patients into a higher Resource Utilization Group (“RUG”) category.

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Productivity Requirements At Skilled Nursing Facilities

We have seen growing examples of skilled nursing facilities demanding higher and higher productivity requirements from its therapists and therapy assistants, all while expecting their work hours to stay the same. We recognize it is often impossible to meet these productivity demands without working at least some extra hours. If you are required to work off the clock or under report your time in order to meet impossible productivity requirements, you may have a claim for overtime wages. Contact us for more information about your rights.

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Tennessee Judge Approves $1.75 Million Overtime Settlement For 559 Home Health Workers

A federal judge in Middle Tennessee recently approved a $1.75 million settlement that will provide overtime pay to more than 550 home health workers who regularly worked more than 40 hours per week without receiving overtime pay.

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