Business Litigation & White Collar Defense

Our attorneys have represented entities and individuals in an array of complex litigation ranging from violations of the Clean Water Act and “bet the business” contract disputes to criminal investigations. The stakes are often high with potentially disastrous outcomes.


The approximate number of federal criminal offenses codified by statute.


The number of professional athletes represented by our firm in tax disputes with the State of Tennessee.

Peace of Mind

When you retain us in litigation matters of great consequence, you can rest assured that you have a legal team that believes in your case and has your back.

In the last few years, we have quietly represented high profile individuals and entities who have found themselves in the cross hairs of regulators and prosecutors. It is with pride that these matters remain confidential, as often our most important victories come when we keep our clients, and our representation of them, out of the public spotlight.


Our attorneys have also handled complicated contractual disputes and economic torts in both courts and in arbitrations. Because much of our other work is handled on a contingency basis, we have significant flexibility in structuring these types of engagements. We routinely handle business litigation on a contingency basis or a hybrid between lower hourly rates with a contingency dependent upon outcome. With our extensive trial experience, we are equipped to handle most any complicated and complex litigation matter anywhere in the country.

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