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Whistleblower Says VA Ordered Fake Appointments to Cut Waiting List

The Department of Veterans Affairs Whistleblower, Minu Aghevli, testified before the House Veterans Affairs subcommittee on Tuesday and alleged that the VA instructed her to remove veterans from electronic wait lists by scheduling fake appointments for them in imaginary clinics. The former clinical psychologist stated that the fake clinics were not tied to any provider or location, so veterans scheduled for the fake appointments were not receiving any VA care. Aghevli also testified that she was instructed to code indigent patients as “care no longer needed” without confirming it in order to reduce wait list numbers.


Aghevli is not the only whistleblower coming forward regarding VA misconduct. At the subcommittee hearing, other whistleblowers and their advocates testified, including Katherine Mitchell- a physician for the VA- and Jeffrey Dettbarn – a former VA Medical Center employee.


The day before she was scheduled to testify, Aghevli received a letter from the agency notifying her that she would be terminated. She alleges that the VA is retaliating against her for raising concerns about the problems within the department.


To read the full story from the Washington Post, click here.


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