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Whistleblower Roundup – May 22nd, 2019

A look back at the week’s news and developments affecting whistleblowers.


Whistleblower at the Center of Danske Bank Money-Laundering Scheme

$230 billion from Russia was funneled into the United States’ and Europe’s banking system under the noses of major banks and regulators. The whistleblower, Howard Wilkinson, was an executive at Danske Bank’s Estonian branch. He exposed one of the bank’s biggest customers, British company Lantana Trade LLP as a sham company that was actually run by Russians, Seychelles and Marshall Island interests. To read the CBS News story, and interview with Howard Wilkinson, click here.


Whistleblowers Report Safety Concerns at Boeing

The New York Times reports that following the two crashes of Boeing 737 Max jets, several whistleblowers have come forward revealing safety concerns at Boeing. Most prominently, John Barnett, a former quality manager, alleged that the company prioritized speed over quality. The safety complaints included defective manufacturing, debris left on planes and pressure to not report violations. To read the full article, click here, and to listen to a podcast surrounding the whistleblower, click here.


Informatica Agrees to $21.57 Million Settlement for False Claims Act Allegations

Informatica Corporation has agreed to a $21.57 million settlement to resolve False Claims Act allegations that it overcharged the government with misleading information about its commercial sales practices in contract negotiations. During negotiations with the General Services Administration for government contracts, Informatica provided false information about its discount pricing, resulting in overcharges to the government. The settlement arose from a whistleblower lawsuit. The whistleblower will receive $4 million as a reward for exposing the fraud. To read the DOJ press release, click here.



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