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Whistleblower Roundup – February 12, 2018

A look back at the week’s news and developments affecting whistleblowers


Monty Grow

Former Florida football player convicted of $20 million healthcare fraud conspiracy

Former NFL player Monty Grow was convicted of defrauding the Tricare program – which provides insurance to U.S. military servicemembers and their families – by charging them for expensive, unnecessary drugs. Grow has also been convicted of receiving kickbacks for referring Tricare patients to Florida-based pharmacy, Patient Care America. Miami Herald


Furniture importer agrees to pay $500,000 to settle False Claims Act allegations relating to evaded customs duties

The DOJ has reached a $500,000 settlement with Home Furnishings Resource Group Inc., a furniture importer that was accused of violating the False Claims Act by making false statements on customs declarations. The lawsuit alleges that HFRG misclassified their wooden bedroom furniture as non-bedroom furniture on official import documents in order to avoid paying antidumping duties. As mentioned in a previous post, there have been several recent settlements against import businesses, which may be indicative of increased tariff enforcement using the federal False Claims Act.


Mental health care company accused of Medicaid fraud to pay $4 million in settlement

Mental health services provider South Bay Mental Health, Inc. and its parent companies Community Intervention Services, Inc. and Community Intervention Services Holdings, Inc. have agreed to pay $4 million to settle a False Clams Act lawsuit brought against them by a whistleblower. The lawsuit alleges that South Bay used unqualified, unsupervised mental health workers and unqualified Supervisors to treat its patients and fraudulently billed MassHealth, the state’s Medicaid program, for the services. Boston Globe


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