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Barrett Johnston Martin & Garrison Clients Fight Gender Discrimination at Wal-Mart

This week, Time Magazine profiled several women in their long-running fight against gender discrimination at Wal-Mart. We represent many women in this fight, including Paulette Owens.  Ms. Owens, who is quoted in the Time article, alleges that Wal-Mart paid her less than similarly-qualified male coworkers, and that she received fewer promotions than similarly-qualified male coworkers.


Walmart offered a steady paycheck to Paulette Owens, a single mother of four in Kentucky, who had been relying on commissions as a car salesperson. But one day over lunch, two fellow male managers volunteered what they were paid. According to a lawsuit she filed with two other former employees in April, the men’s hourly wages were “significantly” higher. “They hadn’t been there any longer than we had,” she says. “They were doing the same job we were doing.”


To read the full article from Time, click here.


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