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Wal-Mart Sued for Discrimination Against a Muslim Woman

Today Barrett Johnston Martin & Garrison, LLC filed a federal lawsuit against Wal-Mart alleging the company illegally discriminated against our client, Fadumo Sardeye, on the basis of her religion and national origin. The case was filed in the Middle District of Tennessee and alleges that Wal-Mart violated Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  Specifically, Ms. Sardeye, a practicing Muslim who was born in Somalia, worked as an associate in a Wal-Mart store in Knoxville, Tennessee and endured harassment at her job on the basis of her religion and national origin.   Ms. Sardeye complained of the harassment to Wal-Mart’s corporate office and was in turn retaliated against for making these reports.  According to the Complaint, Wal-Mart eventually fired Ms. Sardeye on trumped up charges related to purported attendance violations.


“In America your employer cannot discriminate against you based on your religion or national origin.  While enforcing our client’s constitutional rights may not be popular or easy, our firm is committed to the ideal that no one should face discrimination based upon their religious beliefs or place of birth,” said the firm’s partner, Jerry Martin.


Mr. Martin served as the United States Attorney in the Middle District of Tennessee during the first term of President Obama. During his tenure, he lead the Department of Justice’s efforts to protect the Murfreesboro Mosque by pursuing criminal charges against an individual who made threats of violence against the mosque and its congregants.  Additionally, Mr. Martin obtained an injunction against Rutherford County forcing it to issue an occupancy permit once the mosque’s construction was complete.


Barrett Johnston Martin & Garrison, LLC has a long history of representing plaintiffs in civil rights cases.  Our founding partner, George Barrett, was one of the few white lawyers willing to represent African American students charged with crimes during the Nashville lunch counter sit-ins.  The firm remains committed to this tradition by advocating on behalf of clients whose constitutional rights are violated by the government or private industry.


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