May 14, 2019 - Posts

U.S. Supreme Court Extends Time for Whistleblowers to File Cases

Yesterday the United States Supreme Court sided with whistleblowers by unanimously confirming that they too could benefit from a three-year extension of the statute of limitations based upon when the government actually learned that a federal program had been defrauded.


Some lower courts had previously held that whistleblowers weren’t entitled to the additional three years to bring a case enjoyed by the United States under the False Claims Act’s “government knowledge” provision.  Importantly, a whistleblower’s knowledge of the fraud does not start the clock on the statute of limitations because the whistleblower, a private citizen, is not an “official of the United States” but rather acting as a “partial assignee” for the government.


This ruling is important in that it affirms the rights of private citizens to pursue False Claims Act cases independent of the government despite recent challenges by hospitals corporations, the pharmaceutical industry, and other Chamber of Commerce types.


To read more about the decision, click here.


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