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Senator Sessions Promises, as Attorney General, to Hold Horporations Accountable for Fraud and Not “Cower” to Special Interest

Yesterday, Senator Jeff Sessions testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee regarding his nomination to become the United States Attorney General. Like many Americans, we are deeply concerned about the direction of our country—especially as it relates to protecting working families and those with few resources and little power.


We were heartened, however, to hear Senator Sessions commit to continue the Department of Justice’s important work in pursuing fraud against federal programs such as Medicare and Medicaid. The False Claims Act is one of the most important weapons in the government’s arsenal to fight fraud, waste, and abuse. Last year, the DOJ recouped $4.7 billion from government contractors who defrauded the United States under the False Claims Act. Whistleblowers, who brought evidence of fraud to the government’s attention, were paid out $519 million in 2016 as rewards for their information. You can read the DOJ’s full report here.


Here are Senator Sessions’ comments to the Senate Judiciary Committee on his commitment to fight fraud against the government:


“Further, this government must improve its ability to protect the United States Treasury from waste, fraud, and abuse. This is a federal responsibility. We cannot afford to lose a single dollar to corruption and you can be sure that if I am confirmed, I will make it a high priority of the department to root out and prosecute fraud in federal programs and to recover any monies lost due to fraud or false claims…The attorney general must hold everyone, no matter how powerful, accountable. No one is above the law, and no American will be beneath its protection. No powerful special interest will cower this department.”


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