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The New York Times Extensively Covers False Claims Act Cases Against UnitedHealth

We mentioned back in April that Medicare Advantage fraud appears to be a major new focus for the U.S. Justice Department, based in large part on two different whistleblower cases against UnitedHealthcare in which the government has recently intervened.


It looks like we’re not the only ones to have noticed how important these cases might prove to be.  The New York Times has now come out with two different articles on these cases, including a front page story that offers an in-depth profile of whistleblower Benjamin Poehling.  As that article notes, Mr. Poehling is a former finance director for UnitedHealth Group, who filed his False Claims Act lawsuit in 2011, based on information he learned during his employment about a systemic effort to categorize patients as sicker than they really were in order to increase Medicare reimbursement.


As these cases and the news coverage they have generated show, whistleblowers do not just have the power to recover money for the government.  In the right circumstances, they have the power to change the whole conversation about how particular medical goods and services are provided and paid for in this country.


Follow the New York Times’ coverage of these cases against UnitedHealthcare:


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