January 27, 2017 - Posts

The Nashville Scene, Featuring Jerry Martin, Reflects on the Local Impact of Federal Appointments Under the Trump Administration

Regardless of your political leanings, one thing no one can dispute is that “change” is here.  The Trump administration will have an opportunity to significantly shape the federal judicial landscape across the country and especially in Tennessee.  Additionally, Trump will appoint 93 U.S. Attorneys around the country who will serve as the chief federal law enforcement officials in those judicial districts.  Both Judges and U.S. Attorneys wield considerable power and their actions and decisions impact the day to day lives of average citizens.


Our partner, Jerry Martin, served as U.S. Attorney during the first Obama term.  Recently, he was featured in the Nashville Scene, discussing the impact the new administration will have on the local level through federal appointments. Our firm has extensive experience in handling civil rights challenges, enforcement of the federal overtime laws, and holding local health care companies accountable under the False Claims Act for Medicare fraud. These practice areas are impacted daily by federal judges and federal prosecutors. Thus, we see on a first hand basis how the men and women chosen by the President to fill those positions affect average citizens.


In short, these powerful positions must be filled by level headed, experienced individuals who will always put their obligations to defend and follow our Constitution over their personal political beliefs and affiliations.  This is easier said than done. As the Nashville Scene article suggests, the stakes are extraordinarily high.


Click the image below to read the article in this week’s Nashville Scene.


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