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Mastermind of Massive Social Security Fraud Pleads Guilty to Retaliating Against Witness

We’ve written before about the incredible case of Eric Conn, the aptly-named Kentucky lawyer at the heart of a $550 million scheme to defraud the Social Security system. Mr. Conn garnered national attention when he skipped out on his bail and fled to Honduras in 2017. Even before that, his brazen scheme to defraud had all the elements of a Hollywood legal thriller, including bribes to judges, threats to whistleblowers, and forged medical records.


In December, Mr. Conn was captured in Honduras and returned to the United States, to face additional charges for skipping bail and retaliating against an informant, on top of the fraud charges to which he had already pled guilty.


Mr. Conn’s saga has finally come to a close, as the United States has announced a plea deal with Mr. Conn on these additional charges. Under this deal, and subject to the approval of the Court, Mr. Conn has agreed to the United States’ recommendation that the Court impose the maximum possible sentence of 15 years. Mr. Conn was previously sentenced to 12 years in prison for his fraud scheme, plus a $170 million restitution payment and a forfeiture judgment of $5.75 million.


The Department of Justice’s release regarding this plea deal can be found on the DOJ’s website.


Fugitive Lawyer Pleads Guilty for His Escape and Role in $550 Million Social Security Fraud Scheme


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