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Judge Approves $800,000 Settlement In Overtime Lawsuits Brought By Home Health Nurses & Therapists Against CareSouth

Last week, on June 22, 2017, Judge Aleta Trauger, approved the settlement of two overtime cases filed on behalf of home health workers at the home health agency CHSSA Holdings of Winchester, LLC d/b/a CareSouth Home Care Professionals and a number of its affiliates. Combined, the two cases settled for $800,000.


In the first case, our firm represented RNs and Physical Therapists who claimed that they were improperly denied overtime because they were paid a mix of fee per visit pay and hourly pay for their work without being eligible for overtime pay. In the second case, we represented LPNs and PTAs who claimed that the fee per visit pay method used by the company violated the overtime laws because it did not capture all the time these workers spent working.


“We are pleased with the resolution of these cases, which represents a meaningful result for many hard working home health providers. There is a tremendous amount of misinformation in the home health industry about overtime pay. We’ve filed numerous cases on behalf of nurses and therapists and recouped millions of dollars in unpaid overtime wages. We are glad to bring these two cases to a conclusion,” said Jerry Martin of Barrett Johnston Martin & Garrison, LLC.


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