February 24, 2017 - Posts

IT Industry Workers Are Often Improperly Denied Overtime Pay

Employers often fail to pay overtime wages to employees who work with computers, claiming that these employees are “exempt” from the federal overtime law.


The federal Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”) excludes some IT professionals from receiving overtime pay, but the law only excludes IT professionals whose primary job duties require the use of highly specialized knowledge and skills, such as systems analysis, computer programming, or software engineering.


Employers often improperly deny overtime pay to technicians who install or upgrade hardware, who check cables, who replace parts, or who troubleshoot computer problems.  Typically, these employees are required to be paid overtime wages when they work more than forty hours in any given week.


Do you work with computers?  Are you not paid time and a half for overtime? You may be entitled to overtime pay.


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