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Insys Therapeutics Faces Investigation Over Marketing of Subsys

The New York Times recently published an article about a criminal investigation of Arizona-based pharmaceutical company Insys Therapeutics involving its marketing practices of Subsys, a highly potent opioid. Of particular interest, the article notes that a whistleblower had come forward and filed a qui tam lawsuit against Insys, pursuant to the False Claims Act, years earlier.


The whistleblower, a sales rep for Insys, filed the lawsuit alleging that Insys’s speaker program was part of a kickback scheme to reward doctors for prescribing large quantities of Subsys. In the end, the government declined to pursue the case, but investigations of Insys did not end there. This story of unbridled greed by a drug manufacturer is a must read. Follow the link below for the full story.


The Pain Hustlers: The Opioid that Made a Fortune for Its Maker — and for Its Prescribers

Opioid Whistleblower


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