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Help at Home Employee Files Collective Action Lawsuit to Recover Unpaid Wages for Off-the-Clock Work

Barrett Johnston Martin & Garrison, LLC has filed a collective action lawsuit on behalf of current and former employees of Help at Home, LLC and Oxford HealthCare. The lawsuit alleges that Help at Home and Oxford did not pay employment specialists and other employees who provide Supported Employment and Vocational Rehabilitation services for all of the time they spent working. Specifically, the complaint alleges that Help at Home and Oxford paid for “billable” time (for example, time spent on the job with clients or applying for jobs), but they did not pay for all “non-billable” time (for example, time completing paperwork, traveling between clients, or transporting clients to and from appointments).


The complaint alleges that, by not recording and paying for all “non-billable” time, Help at Home and Oxford caused these employees to work without pay and failed to pay them overtime at time-and-a-half for this work. To learn more about the case, read the complaint here.


If you worked for Help at Home / Oxford HealthCare and were not paid for all “non-billable” time, you may be eligible to join. Call 615-244-2202 to learn more about the case. All calls are free and confidential.

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