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Collective Action Lawsuit Filed Against Healthcare Technology Company, Philips, in Nashville to Recover Overtime Wages

Our firm, Barrett Johnston Martin & Garrison, LLC has filed a lawsuit against Philips for failing to pay its employees overtime wages as required by the Fair Labor Standards Act. The complaint can be found here. Headquartered in the Netherlands, Philips is a leading healthcare technology company with offices in Nashville, Tennessee.


The lawsuit was filed as a collective action lawsuit on behalf of salaried employees who work for Philips in its collections department. It alleges that Philips has misclassified employees as exempt from the Fair Labor Standards Act’s overtime provisions when, in fact, they are owed overtime wages under the law.   The lawsuit seeks unpaid overtime wages and liquidated damages.


If you are a salaried employee of Philips who is not paid overtime, or if you worked for Philips in the last three years and were not paid overtime wages, you may call our office at 615-244-2202 to learn more about this case.  All calls are free and confidential.


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