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BJMG Partner and Former U.S. Attorney Jerry Martin Quoted in USA Today on Tennessee Clinic Involved in $65 Million Fraud Scheme

USA Today reported on two Tennessee doctors and a nurse practitioner who defrauded a military insurance program, Tricare, out of $65 million. The scheme was spread across the country, including a clinic in Tennessee, a pharmacy in Utah, and U.S. Marines stationed in California. The Tennessee clinic illegally wrote nearly 4,500 cream prescriptions to Marines they had never met or diagnosed. Each prescription cost $14,000, and the American taxpayers covered the cost.


Barrett Johnston Martin & Garrison partner, and presidentially appointed U.S. Attorney, Jerry Martin was quoted in the story:

“It was just a setup to pay cash to patients and then turn around and prescribe them this expensive cream,” said Jerry Martin, a former U.S. attorney who specializes in health care fraud.

Martin reviewed the pain cream case at the request of The Tennessean, calling the conspiracy “extraordinarily brazen.”

“If these allegations are true, that is just a criminal enterprise,” he added. “There is just nothing legitimate about it.”


Read the full story on USA Today’s website.


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