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Barrett Johnston Fights Wealth-Based Jailing in Giles County

Barrett Johnston Martin & Garrison, alongside the Law Office of Kyle Mothershead, Civil Rights Corps, and Hughes Socol Piers Resnick Dym, represents five individuals in a federal lawsuit challenging the jailing of indigent people when they are unable to pay court costs and probation fees in Giles County, Tennessee.


In Giles County, probationers who have committed misdemeanor offenses have to pay both court costs and fees to private probation companies related to their offenses and supervised probations. Indigent individuals in this situation face the impossible decision of choosing whether to go to jail for non-payment or to sell possessions and use money needed for food, utilities, medicine and rent to pay these costs and fees.


Recently, the United States District Court for the Middle District of Tennessee issued a preliminary injunction in this case prohibiting Giles County from jailing people when they cannot afford to pay money bail following arrests for alleged misdemeanor probation violations.


To learn more about this case, click here for the Associated Press’ story.


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