United States v. Community Health Systems, Inc.

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Outcome: $97 million settlement

Our firm represented a doctor and two nurses who filed a False Claims Act lawsuit alleging that Community Health Systems, Inc. (CHS) engaged in a systematic scheme to improperly increase the inpatient admission of individuals who sought care in CHS hospital emergency rooms.


After more than three years of working with the government to build its False Claims Act case, the parties settled this case as part of a global resolution resulting in the return of more than $97 million to the federal and state governments and the implementation of a Corporate Integrity Agreement to prevent future misconduct. The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Middle District of Tennessee noted in its press release announcing the settlement that this was the largest False Claims Act settlement in the history of the Middle District of Tennessee.


In Doghramji, the firm and our clients worked hand-in-hand with the government, building its case to prove that CHS had violated the law by falsely billing Medicare and other government healthcare programs by millions of dollars. Our lawyers and clients analyzed documents, prepared government investigators and attorneys for interviews and depositions, and helped build the model that led to the settlement of the case.


The result: a record-breaking settlement for the government, and a fair and just recovery for our clients.


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