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Outcome: First of its kind court order extending voting hours

During Nashville’s 2015 mayoral election, our firm represented Mayor Megan Barry’s campaign by obtaining a Temporary Restraining Order requiring the city to extend the voting hours at one of the city’s polling sites after it had opened nearly an hour later than all of the city’s other polling sites. The polling site was located in a predominately African-American precinct. The Tennessee Secretary of State, who oversees all elections in the state, described the result we achieved in court as “unprecedented.”


During the course of a few hours, our firm drafted and filed a lawsuit in the Davidson County Chancery Court seeking an injunction to require the city to keep the polling site open 40 minutes after it was scheduled to close. The Court promptly held a hearing and issued an injunction requiring the city to keep this single polling site open late on Election Day. This victory, achieved in a matter of hours, ensured that all Nashvillians, not just some, had an equal opportunity to exercise their fundamental right to vote.


Over the years, our firm has litigated numerous cases to protect and preserve the right to vote in local, state and federal elections. To learn more about our Civil Rights Law practice group, click here.

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