Noel v. Metropolitan Government of Nashville

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Outcome: $2.1 million recovery for the class

Our firm represented over 900 Metro Nashville correctional officers in a combined Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) collective action and Rule 23 unjust enrichment class action. After more than four years of litigation, culminating in a successful jury trial on the class action claims, our firm secured a $2.1 million settlement for the class.


Correctional officers filed the case in May 2011 when they realized that their pay stubs did not add up. After meeting with our firm, the correctional officers chose to band together and protect their rights to be paid fairly and lawfully. In this case, we alleged that Metro Nashville had violated the workers’ rights in two ways. First, they were paid at lower hourly rates than those that had been set by the Mayor and Metro Council in the Metro Pay Plan. Second, the correctional officers were required to work beyond their scheduled paid shifts without pay.


After a weeklong trial, the jury returned a verdict in favor of the correctional officers, finding that Metro had been unjustly enriched. After trial, our firm successfully negotiated a $2.1 million recovery for the class, a record for Metro Nashville settlements according to the Tennessean.   


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